April 22, 2009

Snaps are here!

My snaps came in... so I can continue working on diapers again! Oh, and shipping from China only took 8 days. Incredible!

I also got asked to be a guest writer on a fun blog... stay tuned for details :)

April 20, 2009

In progress

Since I'm still new to the world of being a full time WAHM, I'm still getting things under control. I had weighed my snap sockets to see how many more diapers I could do, and thought I had plenty but ordered more anyway. My scale is great for packages, but I think snaps might be a bit too light, because my estimate was WAY off! So now I'm working on a bunch of diapers presnaps so that I can still be working, but I can't get any of them done until my order of snaps gets here from China.

The good news is my first two Dreamers are almost ready for testing! I used odds and ends of various snap sockets to complete them. One of them I will be testing, and the other I'm going to test locally first. Once I get a better idea of any changes I need to make I may open up a few tester Dreamers in my shop. Pretty exciting stuff! I created a new soaker design which lets you customize the absorbency in the middle (for girls) or the front (for boys) with 14, 17, or 20 layers depending on how you fold it. I think it's pretty neato.

Also, my current fabrics are updated on my flickr account. I do have a few more individual cuts that are not posted. They may show up for an online stocking, or I may sell them locally. I have 5 new fabrics on order as well... more girly prints and another robot. I cannot resist robots!

April 18, 2009


Occasionally I do custom orders for customers. The most recent one was for Melinda, with some "Rockstar" fabric she sent me. It turned out super cute! I love getting the chance to do girly things every once and a while.

Custom Order - Melinda

April 16, 2009


Dilley Dally diapers opened on April 1st, and I just completed my first round of customs. I'm running low on supplies, and they have been reordered  :)

For now I'm working on designing a soaker for a "Dreamer" nighttime version of my OS diaper. I also have a couple of local orders to take care of before I open up any more custom spots.