May 31, 2009

Want to see some customs?

I just had a big round of customs, so I thought I would share. These are all one of a kind!

This first one is "rainbow shine" fabric that the customer gave me to make a single diaper of. She requested rainbow snaps to match, and a special lime OBV inner. I think it turned out great!
Rainbow Shine
Rainbow Shine

This next one is my first "birthday" diaper. This diaper is custom embellished to match little C's first birthday party decorations. So when it comes time for cake, she'll be naked in style, and the messy eating can commence! The snaps on the front coordinate with the sprinkle colors. The center panel is a woven fabric, so the wings are made of OBV to keep the fit nice and stretchy. The sprinkles are hand sewn on, and a little bit of red embroidery tops the whole thing off!
Cuppy Cake
Cuppy Cake

This last one is going to a very special creative mama for her special little boy L's first birthday. They call him monkey, so of course he needed a custom monkey diaper! The body is made of all OBV, so it's super soft and squishy. The body is made of lime and turquoise OBV, with brown and natural to make up the monkey. I hand embroidered the monkey's face on, and then put on some lime embroidery to complete the look. Oh, and the monkey just HAD to be sporting a little wool mohawk, just like little L had before his first haircut!

If you're interested in my custom diapers, there are a few spots available on my cart at!

May 30, 2009

Exciting new things!

Two diapers sold locally at Portable Kid (yay!) so I'm working on more stock for that store as well as a few more things for my instock store.

Right now I'm finishing up my first two custom birthday diapers. Hopefully I'll be able to post pictures of them soon. I'm really excited about being able to offer them.

I also got my first round of feedback back on my Dreamer overnight diapers. I think there's a bit more tweaking that needs to happen. Right now they're great for my light overnight wetter (he's heavy during the day, but not too bad at night), but they don't work for co-sleepers who nurse all night :)

Oh, and stay tuned... I have something super exciting to post about on Monday! There may even be a giveaway involved... Ok, there is a giveaway involved :)

May 14, 2009

Back at it

We're finally feeling better here, so I've been working on diapers again! This morning I'm dropping off diapers to be sold at one of our local stores, then I'll be back at it. Right now I'm working on a diaper that I'm doing for a trade as well as a custom diaper. The mama wanted a diaper for her daughter to wear when she stripped her down to eat cake for her first birthday. This diaper is so stinkin cute... I'll post pictures when it's done. I may have to make more to sell, or offer them as customs. When the diaper is fun to work on it's easier to get it done!

May 01, 2009

I'm Behind

My goal is to stock the 1st and 15th of each month. Well, that's not going to happen this time, oops! I have a bunch of diapers in progress, but we're still sick at our house. I think the crud is almost gone. I didn't want to work on diapers and pass on this ick via the mail, so once I'm feeling like it's safe to sew again, I'll do so. It's been an interesting two weeks!