March 06, 2009

The things I do

This blog will be primarily for Dilley Dally Diapers, but I may throw in some other things from time to time as well. I have a personal blog, but I felt that my family may not appreciate my diaper business and my customers may not want to hear about my son eating cat barf. So now I have two blogs. Some readers may read both, and some may just do one or the other. I don't care either way, and there may be a little bit of overlap too. I may occasionally post tutorials on here as well. While I will mostly be selling my OS fitted diaper, I may occasionally offer up some of my other random crafts. One does need an occasional break from doing the same thing over and over again!

But first I want to show off some of the things that I have made for my son, Goomba. 

The first is a wool interlock soaker embroidered with the "Baxter" monster. I love it! 


Next up is some yarn that I dyed. The first is Cestari fine merino that I call Avocado (with matching trim) and the second is some Blackberry Ridge Merino that has been kettle dyed. I'm calling it Chocolate and Strawberries. 

"Avacado" yarnDSC07421

I hope you all enjoy my blog! I look forward to posting to it more often as I create new and exciting things. 


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